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Arbitration and Litigation

Our Professionals provide assistance in all matters specified in each practice both in assessing the dispute, including in view of a hoped amicable settlement of such dispute, and, in case of failure to settle it, before courts or within alternative dispute resolution procedures, including Arbitrations at both national and international level, in the context of which some Professionals have gained an in depth experience including acting as members of the relevant arbitration Panels.

By way of example, this assistance covers, inter alia, commercial and corporate law matters, such as disputes between members, companies or consortia, with regard to the relevant management and supervisory bodies, shareholders’ meeting resolutions, actions for liability, including in relation to management and coordination activities or abuse of contractual power (“abuse of economic dependence), as well as litigations covering work contracts, franchising and other commercial contracts; bankruptcy law, within proceedings relating to, inter alia, petitions for bankruptcy, objection to statement of liabilities, validation and bankruptcy clawback actions; insurance, banking and financial markets law, given that both banks and insurance companies and individuals are parties to proceedings on validity, construction or performance of insurance, investment and banking contracts; law of succession and of property, more generally, in all other civil law areas, including specific areas as pharmaceutical, automotive, public and intellectual, industrial property and information technology law.