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Tax Law and
Tax Planning



The Firm boasts experts in tax consultancy – for direct and indirect taxes – in national and international taxation, real estate, taxation of business crises, as well as in tax planning for individuals and corporate groups.

We also advise on the tax aspects of a wide range of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, both domestic and international, as well as transactions on financial markets, including those of structured finance.

We also specialise in transfer pricing, crowdfunding and peer to peer lending.

We are experts in dealing with the Italian Tax Authorities and assist with tax inspections and audits, as well as in pre-litigation administrative procedures and tax litigation. Our tax specialists are qualified to appear before the provincial and regional Tax Commission.

We also assist clients in tax matters relating to inter-generational transfer of companies, both in family contexts and in private equity transactions, as well as in the areas of asset protection and savings.

In addition, our tax specialists provide collateral services, such as the submission of tax returns for companies and individuals, preparation of appraisals and valuations of real estate and business complexes, financial statement analysis and financial risk assessment.



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