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Corporate Law

Our Professionals assist our clients in dealing with corporate law issues, both during the physiological phase of a company, i.e., its incorporation, start-up and investment, and its development and ordinary business, and during any crisis and litigation phase. We provide assistance in preparing and negotiating national and international commercial agreements (e.g. work contract, agency, carriage, distribution, franchising, licensing, supply and engineering), in managing relationships with clients and suppliers and in situations in which the management has come to a stand-still, conflict between members or with corporate bodies, including providing support in determining and implementing corporate governance systems, negotiation and defence strategies.

Our Professionals are involved in important private equity and M&A transactions carried out in Italy over recent years, assisting firms, private equity funds and major banking and financial investors being both Italian and foreign.

Our Professionals’ international background associated with an in-depth knowledge of the Italian market and entrepreneurship allow us to find and propose to clients the best solutions, combining international investors’ needs with the Italian market trends. Thus, transactions can be carried out in accordance with the best international market practices and, at the same time, implemented in the Italian context.

Through well-established work relationships with international law firms, we assist – with an integrated work group – Italian clients on transactions carried out abroad and foreign clients in domestic transactions.