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Environmental law and energy law

With their experience, our Professionals offer a qualified and comprehensive legal assistance, with regard to regulatory, environmental, contractual, corporate, and financial and tax issues both in the environmental and energy industries, as they have gained the following expertise:

• developing and financing infrastructure projects;
• preparing and negotiating contracts covering the infrastructure building and operation;
• transactions for the purchase of infrastructure and companies operating in the energy industry;
• drafting and negotiating gas purchase and supply agreements, electricity purchase and supply agreements and tolling agreements;
• administrative litigation relating to regulations and directives issued by the Italian Electric Power and Gas Authority (“Autorità italiana Elettricità e Gas”);
• civil litigation relating to the performance of agreements for the building of plants and infrastructure;
• advising on energy audits (standard 5 Uni-CEI EN 16247 and UNI EN ISO 50001:2011); and
• advising on energy management systems (UNI EN ISO 50001:2011 and standard 5 UNI-CEI 11339:2009).

Our Professionals also specialize in renewable energy industry, more specifically, they have acquired specific expertise in carrying out the following activities:

Electric power industry

• Development of projects for energy production plant from conventional and renewable sources (including cogeneration, waste disposal and energy recovery, wind and photovoltaic plants);
• acquisition of electrical infrastructure and companies, including production, sale and distribution;
• energy purchase and sale agreements, tolling agreements and contracts for provision of integrated energy services (EPC);
• issues relating to regulatory and tariff aspects, concerning energy import, transmission and distribution, realization of internal user networks and simple production and consumption systems (SEU and ASSPC);
• incentives for energy production from renewable sources and for energy efficiency;
• determination of the financial aspects for energy infrastructure projects (based on the merchant, project finance and tolling scheme);
• due diligence on all legal matters covered by the projects for the realization of new energy production plants both from renewable and conventional sources, with particular regard to the relevant national and regional regulations.

Gas industry
• development of projects for LNG and gas storage plants, including negotiating and preparing the relevant EPC and O&M contracts;
• M&A transactions to purchase company vehicles owning infrastructure; and
• preparing and negotiating gas purchase and sale agreements, including in the context of the Virtual Exchange Facility System and of tariff issues relating to import, transmission, distribution, LNG and storage.

This well-established experience is also the result of relationships with clients that our Professionals assist. Such relationships include cooperation with leading consulting companies, within environmental and energy industries, and with international investment funds.