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Tax law and fiscal planning

Our Professionals are highly skilled in the tax planning of individuals and company groups, dealing with tax matters covered by a wide range of transactions including mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, both at national and international level, due diligence activities, as well as financial market transactions including structured finance transactions. They also specialize in transfer pricing, crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, tax dispute and pre-litigation administrative procedures, in addition to tax on properties.

Our Professionals also provide legal and tax assistance on generation handover of firms within families and private equity transactions, together with providing assistance on “asset protection” and finance and savings tax.

Our Professionals also include chartered accountants and auditors, thanks to which we are able to provide a wide-ranging assistance, covering ancillary services such as submission of tax returns of firms and individuals, preparation of expert’s reports and properties and companies assessment, financial statement analysis and financial risk assessment.