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We provide assistance in all types of litigations in both ordinary and arbitration proceedings, where some of our lawyers have held the role of arbitrators and Chairman of the relevant panels.

We plan the strategy to manage each dispute after a meticulous examination of the legal and factual issues underlying it. Attention to detail is the hallmark of our work. This approach is enriched by a pragmatic vision of the solutions offered, aimed at achieving the best possible result with the least sacrifice, for the client, in terms of time and resources invested.

In short, we adopt a problem-solving approach to the matters that our clients submit to us, which is the result of extensive experience gained in Courts of different levels, regarding our sectors of expertise.

We provide our clients with all the necessary information to allow them to make a fully informed decision, before taking legal action or defending it, of whether to invest resources in a case and if so, how many, not necessarily based on the number of hours necessary to manage it, but rather in relation to the best result achievable.

Our work is characterised by our effective approach and the strength of the defences, which testify to our commitment to ensuring that our clients receive legal assistance of the highest level.





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