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V│LEX ΛVVOCATI wants to protect and preserve the concept of the “self-employed professional”, which is increasingly compromised by a “corporate” view of the legal profession.

Our purpose is to promote the skills of each Firm member, offering a tailored working environment both to those more suited to public relations and those more suited to research and study. These are all factors that we consider central to the training of a lawyer.

This aim is embodied in the planning of a professional growth path defined on the basis of objective criteria of participation in the remuneration obtained from the work performed and the work generated. At the same time, younger lawyers will be supported not only by constant attention to their training but also by basic remuneration, to provide them with the peace of mind needed to enjoy their work and to accompany them gradually towards professional autonomy and financial independence.

Commitment and courage bring results. So, if you want to “risk to build” and “commit to benefit”, please send your CV by e-mail, to We will then consider it and arrange a meeting to get to know you.


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