Claudio Lombardi


Claudio is a Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, Director of the Eurasian Centre for Law, Innovation and Development (ECLID) and a lawyer admitted to practice in Italy. He specialises in comparative law, international trade law and antitrust law.

After obtaining a PhD in European and comparative law from the University of Trento and an LL.M. in international trade law from Kings College, University of Aberdeen, Claudio has worked at University College London (UCL), the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg, Trinity College Dublin and International University College (IUC) in Turin; in addition, Claudio has been a professor at KIMEP University and a visiting researcher at Cambridge University.

Claudio regularly provides legal advice to national and international clients, including several European institutions, governmental authorities, including the antitrust authorities of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries, the Eurasian Economic Commission and various non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


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